Broad General S1-S3

Through our broad general education course we aim to give pupils the opportunity to experience breadth and depth in the curriculum. Having breadth in the curriculum allows pupils to sample a variety of activities. As pupils develop from 1st-4th level we shall cover activities such as: athletics, badminton, basketball, fitness, football, gymnastics, netball, rugby, swimming, tennis, trampolining, water polo and volleyball. The depth of learning will be provided through the pathways that we offer our young people to develop and progress through; including: extra-curricular clubs, further study through 3rd and 4th levels, progression in to our national courses and our links with clubs operating in the local area. The overarching theme in our broad general education course is our focus to develop young people mentally, emotionally, socially and physically. In turn we hope this will contribute towards young people becoming more confident, effective, responsible and successful in all aspects of their school life and beyond.

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