Course Guide

 This guide will explain how you can successfully achieve a qualification in Higher (HG) Physical Education (PE). Your HG PE course consists of 4 different assessment aspects.

  • Performance Skills Unit
  • Final Performance Assessment
  • Factors Impacting on Performance Unit
  • External Question Paper


In order to achieve a HGPE qualification, you must successfully complete the assessment in all 4 areas.


Performance Skills (Unit Assessment)


These will be assessed on an on-going basis. Your teacher will explain how this is carried out and the six assessment standards you must achieve.  You must satisfy all six assessment standards in two different activities.


Final Performance Assessment (Course Assessment)


This will be assessed in a one-off performance in your choice of activity from your HGPE course. Your teacher will explain how this will be carried out.  Following your assessment you will receive a mark out of 60. 40 of these marks will be based on how you perform in the activity. The marking criteria will be issued to you.  The remaining 20 marks will be based on your ability to produce a plan (8 marks) before you participate, and an evaluation (12 marks) on completion of your final performance assessment.  This mark will then be sent to the SQA and will count towards your final grade for HGPE.


Factors Impacting Performance (FIP) Unit Assessment

 As you go through your course, you will learn the theory behind performance. In particular, you will learn how to assess and evaluate your performance, identify strengths and weaknesses; plan a programme to help you improve your performance; carry out the programme; evaluate the effects of your programme on your performance; identify future development needs.  To achieve this unit you will need to complete a written assessment demonstrating that you have gained knowledge to understand each step of the process.  To pass this unit you must produce written work that satisfies the assessment standard.  Your teacher will issue you with a FIP booklet/portfolio that specifies the standard.  You will be taken through this process step by step.  Your teacher will assess your work and determine whether or not you have achieved each assessment standard.  If required, you will have one re-sit attempt for each assessment standard.



External Question Paper (FIP Course Assessment)

This is very similar to the FIP unit. There are 2 sections to the question paper; Section 1 has 3 x 8 mark questions and looks at: methods to collect information, approaches to develop performance, and monitoring, recording and evaluation of performance. Section 2 has 1 x 16 mark scenario question which samples from the performance development process. All four factors affecting performance (MESP) will be assessed each year in either Section 1 or Section 2, the scenario question will also offer students a choice of factor.

On completion, the exam task will be sent to the SQA for marking.  The mark you receive for your Exam will be added to the mark you received for your Final Performance Assessment.  This will then determine your grade (A-D) for HG Physical Education.


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