Advanced Higher

The Advanced Higher Course enables elite performers to investigate personal areas of development in their chosen sport. In following the Advanced Higher Physical Education Course, candidates should have learning opportunities to:

♦ take a degree of responsibility for their own learning

♦ refine standards of personal performance

♦ set performance development targets

♦ plan the research and development of performance

♦ research, present and discuss information

♦ engage in critical review

♦ develop initiative and other personal skills of general value.


Entry to the Course

This is at the discretion of the school, but you would normally be expected to have attained one of the following

  • ‘A’ Pass at Higher level PE
  • ‘A’ Pass at Higher level English
  • Other relevant prior experience in physical education, including experience gained outwith certificated courses.
AssessmentThe Course assessment of Physical Education at Advanced Higher consists of two components:

♦ Performance (30 marks, assessed internally and externally moderated)

♦ A project report (70 marks, externally marked; the report is based on work done in the Perspectives on Performance Development and Analysis and Development of Performance Units)

The project report should normally be of 2,000 and not exceeding 3,500 words in length

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