S4-6 Senior Phase

The Senior Phase runs from S4 to S6. During this time young people have the opportunity to build up a broad portfolio of National Qualifications. All Senior Phase courses include elements of ongoing internal assessment and all Mathematics courses at N5, Higher and Advanced Higher include an externally assessed SQA examination.

Please click the picture below to see our recommended Senior Phase Pathways.

Here at Denny High School we aim to offer a wide range of qualifications to suit the needs of all learners. We currently offer the following courses:




The documents below have been produced by the National Parent Forum of Scotland. These publications aim to provide a clear, succinct overview to help parents understand the different aspects of Curriculum for Excellence, and to support learning both at home and in school.

The NPFS have also produced “Revision in a Nutshell” documents for Higher and National 5 Mathematics. These documents provide further information on the external SQA course assessment (i.e. exam).


Applications of Mathematics – Further Information

At the time of writing, the Applications of Mathematics qualifications finish at N5 level – there is currently no Higher Applications of Mathematics course offered by the SQA. Pupils should bear this in mind when choosing which Mathematics course to study as there is no progression available from N5 Applications to Higher. If a pupil chooses to study N5 Applications of Mathematics in S4 or S5, they will not be able to progress on to a Higher level course the following session.

In session 2017-2018 the SQA decided to change the name of the Lifeskills Mathematics suite of courses. Courses at N3, N4 and N5 level will be known as Applications of Mathematics. There has been no change to the course content but some older documentation may still refer to the course as “Lifeskills” rather than the new “Applications of Mathematics” title. Further information can be found here: