National 4 Computing Science

The course consists of two units:
Information Systems Design

This unit has two outcomes which are assessed at appropriate times during the course.  The first outcome involves developing a simple information system using appropriate development tools.  The second outcome is a written report which considers the factors involved in the design and implementation of an information system.

Development and Software Design and Development

This unit has three outcomes which are also assessed at appropriate times.  The first outcome is a short test designed to allow the pupils to draw on their understanding of basic concepts in software development and explain how simple programs work.  The second outcome involves developing short programs featuring a range of data types and constructs.  The final outcome is a written report which describes in detail a contemporary software-based application.

As there is no external examination for the National 4 course, there is no need for pupils to undertake additional end-of-topic tests to re-inforce their knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

There is, however, a Value Added Unit that must be satisfactorily completed.  This unit encompasses elements of both Information Systems Design and Development and Software Design and Development.