NPA Computer Games Development

Computer games are being used increasingly for leisure, in education and work-based training with players interacting via a variety of mediums.

Computer gaming is now a growing industry, with Scotland one of the global leaders. These companies rely on a range of creative skills such as art, design, animation, audio and programming which this course develops.

Skills developed in this course are critical thinking, problem solving abilities, communication and team working, which are essential in a modern business environment.

The awards provide a foundation in the knowledge and skills of Computer Games Development that will be necessary if you intend to pursue a career in Computer Games Development, Digital Media Studies, Computing Science and IT subjects.

It is recognised that candidates who demonstrate the basic Core Skills coupled with an understanding of the use of digital technology are more likely to gain employment than those with just IT skills alone.

The course opens the lens on the computer gaming industry and allows the pupils to take an in depth look at what is involved in the production of computer games.