Higher Computing Science

The course consists of two units:

Information System Design and Development

This unit has two outcomes which are assessed at appropriate times during the course.  The first outcome involves developing and coding a complex information system using appropriate development tools.  The second outcome is a written report which considers the factors involved in the design and implementation of an information system by describing in detail its functionality, technical implementation, security risks and precautions and its legal, economic, environmental and social implications.

Software Design and Development

This unit has two outcomes. The first outcome is a written test designed to allow the pupils to draw on their understanding of advanced concepts in software development and computer architecture by explaining code, describing the purpose of a range of programming constructs and how they relate to low level operations and structures, and describing how a range of algorithms work.  The second outcome involves developing and testing advanced modular programs in at least two software development environments.

In addition to the unit assessments, pupils also undertake a coursework assignment that encompasses elements of both Information Systems Design and Development and Software Design and Development.  This generally takes place after the prelims in January and is worth 40% of the pupil’s final mark.

The remaining 60% is achievable in the final external SQA exam.  In order to fully prepare pupils for success in the exam, they will undertake additional end-of-topic tests to re-inforce their knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

Homework will be issued every week and it must be completed to the best of your ability. It is the pupil’s responsibility to bring folders and notes to classes. Pupils will also be expected to attend every class and to study at home in their own time. Pupils should revise and copy up notes to reinforce their learning.

Pupils will be expected to meet a deadline and it is their responsibility to do so. If a pupil is having problems with work in the class, or at home then they should inform the class teacher as soon as possible.